Object-Oriented Learning (OOL): Perception, Representation, and Reasoning

International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML)

Friday July 17, 2020, Virtual Workshop

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Invited Talk, Contributed Talk, Spotlight, Poster Session, Other.

Time (UTC) Speaker Title
01:15 PM Organizers Opening Remarks
01:30 PM Klaus Greff What are Objects
02:10 PM Thomas Kipf Attentive Grouping and Graph Neural Networks for Object-Centric Learning
02:50 PM Yizhe Wu Learning Affordances in Object-centric Generative Models
03:10 PM Steven D James Learning Object-Centric Representations for High-Level Planning in Minecraft
03:15 PM Lewis SG Smith Capsule Networks: A Generative Probabilistic Perspective
03:20 PM Anand Gopalakrishnan Unsupervised Object Keypoint Learning using Local Spatial Predictability
03:25 PM Karl Stelzner Generative Adversarial Set Transformers
03:30 PM Virtual Poster Session #1
04:30 PM Panel Discussion -- Suggest a question!
05:30 PM Fabien Baradel Object-level video understanding
06:10 PM Jody Culham "The treachery of images": How the realness of objects affects brain activation and behavior
06:50 PM Silviu Pitis Counterfactual Data Augmentation using Locally Factored Dynamics
07:10 PM Break
07:40 PM Moira Dillon Object-Oriented Drawings
08:20 PM Linda Smith Learning from an infant's point of view
09:00 PM Vincent Sitzmann Implicit Neural Scene Representations
09:40 PM Igor Mordatch Energy-Based Models for Object-Oriented Learning
10:20 PM Eric Crawford Learning 3D Object-Oriented World Models from Unlabeled Videos
10:40 PM William P McCarthy Rapid policy updating in human physical construction
10:45 PM William Agnew Amodal 3D Reconstruction for Robotic Manipulation via Stability and Connectivity
10:50 PM Fei Deng Hierarchical Decomposition and Generation of Scenes with Compositional Objects
10:55 PM Adam R Kosiorek Conditional Set Generation with Transformers
11:00 PM Virtual Poster Session #2